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Novi MI Motorcycle Insurance
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The state of Michigan offers some stellar roads for motorcyclists. Not surprisingly, if you want to cruise the Wolverine State’s highways and byways on your bike, you have to maintain a valid Michigan motorcycle insurance policy. After all, it’s required by law. Here at Michigan Motorcycle Insurance, we are riders ourselves who know how frustrating it is to shell out almost as much to insure your bike as you do to insure your car. We have years of experience within the insurance market, and we have proven relationships that make it simpler, easier, and less expensive to insure your bike. Starting your Novi, MI motorcycle insurance comparison is a breeze. Just submit your zip code.

On the subject of Novi motorcycle insurance, there are a few different sorts of policy coverage from which you can choose. These types of coverages consist of personal injury liability, property damage liability, underinsured and uninsured driver, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

For bikes that are financed or leased, full coverage motorcycle insurance is usually required.

Motorcycle Insurance in Novi (MI): Minimums

Novi MI Motorcycle Insurance
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In the state of Michigan, liability is the essential form of insurance for motorcycles. Liability insurance covers you in financial terms if you are judged culpable for injuries or destruction in an accident.

Usually, you will see these liability thresholds shown as 3 dollar figures, e.g. $20,000/$40,000/$10,000. The initial pair of figures are the bare minimum thresholds for bodily injuries liability. The initial one is for one single person in an automobile accident, the next for all individuals combined. The final sum represents damage to property liability.

Keep in mind that standard motorcycle liability insurance coverage may not give protection to the rider, the bike, or passengers. Nope, liability insurance only covers your legal exposure for damages sustained by others.

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