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Coverage to protect against motorists without insurance is strongly recommended for motorcyclists in East Lansing. That is due to the fact close to 17% of Michigan drivers do not possess insurance coverage. Since motorists are frequently the culprit in collisions with motorbikes, it can be crucial to protect yourself in financial terms. Despite the fact that supplementary coverage can certainly increase your East Lansing (MI) motorcycle insurance monthly premiums, it may very well be very well worth the additional charge.

Motorcycle Insurance: East Lansing, MI Requirements

East Lansing MI Motorcycle Insurance
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In Michigan, liability coverage is the mandatory kind of insurance for motorcycles. Liability covers you financially when you are found to be guilty for injuries or destruction to a 3rd party. Though lots of people don’t expect that a motorcycle could result in much harm, you might be blown away.

  • $20,000: bodily injury liability maximum for a single person hurt in an accident
  • $40,000: bodily injury liability maximum for injuries to all persons in a single collision
  • $10,000: property-damage liability maximum for a single accident

Don’t forget that standard motorcycle liability coverage doesn’t cover the rider, the the machine being ridden, or passengers. Nope, it just covers your legal vulnerability.

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