How to Protect Yourself on a Motorbike

When it comes to vehicle safety, cars have it all! From the basics such as the doors and the roof, right through to the bevy of airbags and safety features around the car which all work to keep you as safe as possible as you drive.

On a motorbike, however, it’s just you and whatever items of clothing you decided to wear at the time.

And while you might enjoy looking your best by using the Groupon Coupons page for 6pm, when it comes to riding a motorbike, there is some safety gear you will need to wear. But don’t worry! It will all fit over your recent purchase, so you can still arrive at your destination looking stylish!

Okay, so maybe your hair isn’t going to enjoy this item, but your brain will in the event that you come off your bike.

When buying a helmet, look for the following aspects:

? It fits you comfortably
? It can provide sufficient ventilation
? It has a high safety standard rating

While it can be tempting to ride without a helmet, not only is it illegal but it’s also a very dangerous thing to do which could result in serious injury or even worse! For this reason, consider your helmet to be the most important safety item you can use while you ride.

Motorcycle Jacket
Notice the title said motorcycle jacket? Not cool 80’s denim jacket which is in fashion. Unless you are wearing the denim jacket to a fancy-dress party (in which case you should wear it under a motorcycle jacket), always wear a purpose designed motorcycle jacket each time that you ride.

Look for the following attributes:

? Is made from a strong material such as leather
? Is made well and won’t fall apart in an accident
? Is comfortable for you to wear and ride
? Includes reinforcements to further protect you

Motorcycle Pants
That’s right, motorcycle pants. Not the matching pair of denim jeans you were hoping to ride in, but actual pants which can protect your legs if you come into contact with the road.

Consider the following when looking for motorcycle pants:

? They provide good ventilation
? They are comfortable to wear and ride in
? They include accessible pockets to store your personal items
? They have reinforcements to provide additional protection

It doesn’t matter if your boots are waterproof or have a steel reinforced toe unless they are motorcycle boots which have been designed for use on a motorcycle, you shouldn’t be wearing them. Motorcycle boots have been designed to prevent your foot from twisting during an accident, helping to greatly reduce the chance of injury to your feet and ankles.

When it comes to motorcycle safety, always be sure to use your common sense and wear the right gear. As cool as you might think you look riding in denim jeans and a jacket, you won’t look very cool covered in scratches and bruises because you didn’t wear the right safety gear.