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Livonia MI Motorcycle Insurance
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Here at Michigan Motorcycle Insurance, we think that motorcyclists should never need to put up with extravagant monthly premiums. The only method to find the lowest price on motorcycle insurance in Livonia, MI is to compare the premiums offered by rivalling insurance companies. Just input your zip into the field provided to begin searching for the ideal rates. Or, read down the page to understand the the inner workings of motorcycle insurance in Livonia, not to mention the rest of Michigan.

Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Laws

Motorcycle liability insurance is an absolute must in the state of Michigan. Liability insurance pays for damages incurred by third parties in accidents for which you are judged to be legally at fault. Michigan establishes the minimum liability amounts for which you have to have coverage. There are three minimum liability coverages laid out:

Livonia MI Motorcycle Insurance
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  • For Injuries to a Single Person: $20,000
  • For Injury to Two or More Persons: $40,000
  • For Property Damage: $10,000