Motorcycle Insurance Grosse Pointe (MI)

Trying to find motorcycle insurance in Grosse Pointe, MI? We make it easy to lower your expenses when it comes to covering your bike. It doesn’t matter if you want to switch providers or insure your cruiser, sportbike, or dual-sport for the first time. When you submit your zip code, our service locates the leading motorcycle insurance providers in Grosse Pointe, MI, thereby enabling you to do a comparison of monthly premiums attainable – via the web!

Motorcycle Insurance: Michigan Laws

Motorcyclists in Grosse Pointe, MI don’t always need to carry a policy that costs a ton. According to state law, only motorcycle liability coverage is required. Liability insurance pays to reimburse other drivers for medical costs and the replacement of property lost in an accident. Your liability insurance coverage must satisfy or surpass specific minimum limits for personal injuries to others and losses to 3rd party property.

  • For Injury to a Single Person: $20,000
  • For Injury to Two or More Parties: $40,000
  • For Damages to Personal Property: $10,000