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The state of Michigan offers some fantastic roads for motorcyclists. But it goes without saying, to enjoy the Wolverine State on two-wheels, you will have to maintain motorcycle insurance coverage. After all, it’s the law. Right here at Michigan Motorcycle Insurance, we work hard to get you insured at a rate you can afford. We have many years of experience with the insurance market, and we have proven partnerships to make it simpler, easier, and more affordable to get motorcycle insurance in Dearborn Heights, MI. Getting started takes less than 10 seconds. Find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Enter your zip code to begin.

Motorcycle Insurance Laws: Michigan

In Dearborn Heights, MI motorcycle liability insurance is not optional. Liability insurance is insurance for what the policyholder is legally required to pay due to personal injury or property damage caused to another person. The state has published the minimum liability limits for which you must have coverage. There are 3 minimum liability coverages detailed:

  • $20,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries of a Single Party in an Accident
  • $40,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury to All Parties in an Accident
  • $10,000: Liability Coverage for Property Damage

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